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2022.01.24 23:34 MacronX Engorged

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2022.01.24 23:34 aleto_aleto Cherubs DAO in Tokel Talk! 👼🏻 Look at the comments for more info! ⤵️

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2022.01.24 23:34 billycpfc Mail Day pickups from last week

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2022.01.24 23:34 Molokai041290 Maryse

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2022.01.24 23:34 Shepherdspie_inyaeye Gotta handle a blood nose every now and again

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2022.01.24 23:34 Yoh200 A good wash brings out the pearl but also the winter damage

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2022.01.24 23:34 Dependent-Ad-123 Nooooooo!

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2022.01.24 23:34 Apprehensive_Hat3774 [DWS] Recruiting for Null experience. Welcoming Newbros and Vets

Hello from Deep Water Syndicate!
We are a Null Sec PVP & Indy alliance that provides a platform for all newbros to learn Eve and the wonderments that come along with it. We will empower your passions in this game with a simple goal in mind: Having a reason to undock
PVP is first and foremost, but that's normal. We want to empower your desire to crab in all forms, explore the universe, and become a market guru.
While new bro friendly, the alliance is ran by seasoned pilots and numerous FCs from backgrounds across eve. The alliance is most unique in the cultural structure we pride ourselves with; rather then acquiring various corps, the alliance is made up of a single set of core values, forming corps within only to better facilitate the “ecosystems” of play styles.
However, we will be the first to tell you not to join if you have doubts. If you do not like fighting for your right to undock then this is not the alliance for you. If you do not look for the excitement of logging in just to see which corp mates are on, our group may not be for you as well.
In all honesty, a brave pilot who’s willing to test there metal and push there limits need only apply.
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2022.01.24 23:34 mysticrat The Bugle 261 and 262

It's like history repeating 🙃
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2022.01.24 23:34 1000000students Rhode Island unemployment rate fell to 4.8% in December

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2022.01.24 23:34 svanapps Nasdaq 100 Reverses Losses on Dip-Buying, Will APAC Markets Follow?

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2022.01.24 23:34 BurnsRedit Turn! Turn! Burn!

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2022.01.24 23:34 Ill_Temporary_239 Doctors Note

I'll start off with a basis saying that I have indeed missed 7 days of work starting from February-December I had that many call outs.
The day I got back from the seventh callout. My manager had a meeting with me saying if I get another one I would have to be written up due to too many callouts. Fast forward to about last week I injured myself pretty badly the night before work and decided it wasn't too bad of an injury. So I decided to go to work the next day in great agony. My manager noticed and said to go home and get a doctor to check it out. Left an hour after arriving and used sick time to get the day paid for. Went to the doctor said I had a partial tear in my ankle and said it would be about a week and a half or more to heal. So he gave me a note for three days.
Called out for those three days and luckily had 4 days off the schedule. I come back to work doctors note in hand and immediately got pulled into a meeting where they said I'm on a written warning now and can't callout for a year no matter what or I'm terminated. Showed them I had legitimate proof of absence and they simply said we will put it in your file and that's it.
Does It still count against me even though I had a note? What is wrong with this company I should be excused for the three days and that's final. Is there anything I can do???
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2022.01.24 23:34 ElSobe [OC] Practica de Pintura digital ft. Rei y una tortuga :P

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2022.01.24 23:34 Demon-Swords Pay tribute to Graves or he might just steal something more valuable.

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2022.01.24 23:34 Acceptable_Banana_13 Cheektowaga NY Walmart, tetrasperma, global green, variegated aloe, gigantic neon pothos, ficus, manjula, neat little restock.

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2022.01.24 23:34 Alone_Avocado_1207 Are YA books supposed to be pg-13

Are YA really supposed to be pg-13? I’ve seen a lot of authors get away with putting R-rated content in their books.
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2022.01.24 23:34 One_Masterpiece_2639 [SHARE] Resident Evil Village Original Soundtrack [WEB FLAC 16-bit/44.1kHz]

Source: Steam
Decode twice.
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2022.01.24 23:34 savage_3921 WW3🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

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2022.01.24 23:34 InfiniteChallenge99 [VIDEO] - Discovering Michael Saylor, BitCoin scumbag

I had no idea who this guy was before I made this video. I was just looking at the hype and using basic common sense to show how dumb it is. Apparently this guy has made a lot of money from this scummy activity.
The video I am reacting to, I now look at it and am 99% sure it must be fake, but the video itself has 180k views on a channel with half a million subscribers. Apparently they didn't notice or care?
This is sort of equally entertainment, a public service for those that it might help, and just plain sad IMO!
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2022.01.24 23:34 someguyfromky I have a heating question for you fine folks.

I have what I think is an odd situation. Ok, I have an old carrier gas furnace when its really cold ,mid 40's and below, the blower fan, squirrel cage, what ever the proper name for the fan is that pushes the air though the system makes like a struggling to come alive noise. but like i said it only does this with the heat and when it hits the 40's, until then it doesn't make much noise at all. I've cleaned everything and replaced the capacitor thinking it may be going bad. But it still does it. Any Ideas on what it might be going on?
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2022.01.24 23:34 SilentBobSB I was asked what I would do if I teleported three feet in front of me

Apparently screaming at the dismembered feet is not the usual response
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2022.01.24 23:34 pinkfleurhappiness Are you unconsciously sabotaging/punishing yourself because of past shame?

If you're like me and come from a 'complicated' family, even from childhood I knew things like politics etc were for someone with a 'shiny' past.
I didn't want to imagine reporters digging up the sins of me or people I loved even if I often didn't like them.
As a result, I believe I have deliberately sabotaged myself.
I was panicked that if I did reach any level of success that the messiness of my life would make it so the familiar jeers would be back.
Sometimes I think if we have been through trauma, it feels safer just to put your head down and hope that no one notices you.
We all know what happens to women who rise.
I hope you will join me in overcoming shame in order to make one more step to making your life better.
Regardless of if other people think it wasn't a shaming act, if it wasn't your fault, or if you happily participated, if you feel shame from it, that might be something to explore esp in therapy or in books oft recommended here.
Whatever is keeping you from the same levelling up as me, trauma, fear, and that thing that keeps you up at 2am.
Maybe it is childhood/teen trauma. Maybe it is the worry that your past as a sugar baby will discredit you if it comes out, the nude photos you sent to that guy who seemed alright at the time, an infidelity, shoplifting and all of the responses to trauma, making an already hard hole even harder to climb out of.
If you believe you truly have something to 'repent' for, make peace with that and find a way to give back through volunteering or educating.
This is not meant to be an I'm cured post. I don't believe going to your first yoga class will cure social anxiety.
But for those of us with trauma, I beg of you to get the help (if you can) to take the first step to gain your confidence back. To learn that you are capable, valuable and unique.
You are not your shame.
I, a klutzy, dorky, middle-aged mother, will be going to uni as a second attempt. I am 40 years old and it is my time to begin.
I hope it is your time as well.
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2022.01.24 23:34 EiRaN- Get ready for an earful

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2022.01.24 23:34 Dry_Consequence1833 Are U Starting Nofap? This post will help you to maintain your streaks!!!

Hey guys, I know that a lot of people are starting nofap and a lot of people are failing ridiculously and thats why I'm posting this.
Share your nofap motivational stories here so that others can read it and get inspired as well!
I want from this post is that anyone who has done nofap successfully, please give some tips and advice to abstain from relapse. This is very important for all Nafapsters.
So please give se advice and if u know someone that can give some advice then share it as well. My goal is to motivate all nofapsters out there!
Thank you
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