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Little towns in Texas have some beautiful sunsets

2021.11.27 19:58 the_archaeolobitch Little towns in Texas have some beautiful sunsets

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2021.11.27 19:58 InfestedTurtle Fix 50 egg trophy

Please devs fix the 50 egg trophy on PlayStation. I've done it 4 times and no trophy. The completion rate went to from 75% to 50%, clearly it's bugged.
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2021.11.27 19:58 Weird_Peace4428 New gameplay and review! Can tell that the game is addictive at first.

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2021.11.27 19:58 beigesun Review my profile? Not getting too many matches even with tinder gold

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2021.11.27 19:58 Outrageous-Gene4527 ADORABLE Baby Ducklings Got Attacked .Way Too Much For One Day.

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2021.11.27 19:58 axlbeats1 (FREE) *HARD* Anime Type Beat - "Survivor's Guilt" Free Anime Type Beat ...

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2021.11.27 19:58 pfcalisesi Earn Rewards For Your Everyday Driving!

Hey Everyone!
Miles is an app that rewards you for traveling (driving, walking, biking and flying). You earn miles which you can trade for gift cards, raffles or their special promotions. The app is easy to use and automatically tracks your travels. You can check it out below.
Try the Miles app today and get rewarded for all of your travels. Earn miles and redeem them for exclusive rewards, enter raffles, and donate to charities. Download the app now to get 1,500 bonus miles using your invite code 55JVSZ.
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2021.11.27 19:58 PillheadOSRS People who pause after scoring early..

You boys think we should bow down to your greatness and quit huh? Bet you’re the same people who accept follow requests and don’t follow back on insta, you know the kind, the ones who think they’re celebs.
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2021.11.27 19:58 Charlesdickawnes Is Waka even able to have safe sex with his superman syndrome?

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2021.11.27 19:58 Firm-Crazy-390 Pokémon raid happing in 9 mins join In 5326 9400 1902

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2021.11.27 19:58 mathdoido O Palmeiras é o primeiro time a ganhar duas Libertadores no mesmo ano

Parabéns 🐷🐷🐷
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2021.11.27 19:58 AlternativeFeeling77 Happy Holidays! Tea Giveaway

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2021.11.27 19:58 valikazar Ziggyverse Pot has big TVL. Where is tokens from? Your tokens are from...

Moonpot has a new pot, which has no money prize. It is an NFT and a hardware custom SafePal wallet.
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2021.11.27 19:58 revolutionbumblebee What does this symbol mean?

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2021.11.27 19:58 peepeepoopaccount Restaurant servers of Reddit, what’s the actual best way to arrange your table after you’re done to make it easiest for you to cleanup?

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2021.11.27 19:58 JaredMemes Wishlist and Dupes. DM me if you have MAWA and JOTA

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2021.11.27 19:58 fluxanimator [Bulova] Yet another strap for my lunar pilot

I've had this watch for several years now and it's still one of my favorites. Wore the NATO it came with until it came apart, then a thin leather band that couldn't handle the weight. After that a Milanese. Most recently had it on a black tropic that was great but when I saw this leather strap I knew it would look great. Love how it turned out. It's a fantastic watch that constantly steals wrist time away from many of my other watches.
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2021.11.27 19:58 Noosemane Bought Rattler II Missiles; Can't equip them.

Per title I purchased a bunch of rattlers to replace the ones on the tana but they aren't showing up in mobi glass. Anyone know why?
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2021.11.27 19:58 Zomdado012 Alphys fanart

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2021.11.27 19:58 caffeinatedgreek How did Agent North know about Hailey's father?

This has been something that has been on my mind since the episode. Hailey tells Jay that her mom is still with her dad so I would assume she never went to the police. Someone on Twitter suggested that he got it from a psych evaluation but I highly doubt that - we saw how vaguely she answers questions about her family in 8x08
I have two theories.
1- There was some kind of DCFS report but nothing came of it - I think this is the least likely because lets say there was some kind of report or her name was in the system (which in of itself is unlikely given what we know) its very difficult to access that kind of information and he would need subpoena to get it
2- He got the info from asking people. The only people that we know, know about Hailey's past are Jay,Adam,Voight and O. A (from FBI). Jay,Adam and Voight wouldn't give up that kind of info but the guy she worked with in the FBI probably would. So my best guess is O.A said what he knew and North put the pieces together based on her vagueness about her family and her story in 6x06.
What do you think?
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2021.11.27 19:58 DanGleesack9000 Easy Defuse

Easy Defuse
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2021.11.27 19:58 Strange-Discipline-8 Atatürk'ün fikirlerine ne kadar katılıyorsunuz?

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2021.11.27 19:58 _Kontinuum Does my high school social life really matter?

I have friends. Last weekend I went to a Friendsgiving with 19 people I would consider to be my friends.
But I have no best friend, and I barely have any close friends. My close friend group functions perfectly well without me. They hangout without me a lot, such as tonight.
And I can’t even blame them. I can’t offer my own house to hangout at due to my family situation, and I don’t have a car. I just feel like I’m not interesting enough, and not as much of a “person”. As all of them. I feel like I’m just too boring, even though I try to hard not to be. I have nothing to give them physically. I listen to them, and I always stay over to clean up, and I try to help out. But it’s not enough. I’ve never actually been thanked for anything I’ve done, which I don’t mind but if hurts because they’re all so outwardly grateful for each other, when they host or something. I’m never thanked for staying behind to clean, or even cook or feed their dogs. It’s just expected I will.
I just need some consolation. Does it really matter after I graduate? Did anyone else not have super close friends in high school and find good friends in college?
I’m just so ready for high school to be over.
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2021.11.27 19:58 Spirited-Bat-15 i don't know if I should leave my friend to grieve or keep checking in on them

my (18m) close friend (18f) has been going through a lot recently: family issues, relationship issues, stress with uni work. she asked me to check up on her regularly and support her. which I have been more than happy to do. she would come to me often and vent to me, which I didn't mind
recently tho, she has become very distant, we were having a couple spats, and I just thought she was either being petty and not talking to me on purpose, or she was just done with our friendship entirely (extreme, but my self esteem is pretty bad, so my mind tends to jump to conclusions like that) I was beating myself up a lot over this
she recently revealed to me that she was kind of mad at me over our little spats. but she also revealed that her grandad is dying, and that's really why she is so distant. obviously this is completely valid, and It hurts to see my friend in such pain, isolating herself, but it's understandable. I can't imagine what it's like for her
I told her "oh my god, im so sorry. please, take all the time you need for yourself, I'm so sorry to hear that" I really feel like that was such a shit response, and that i should have atleast told her that I'm here if she needs anything, but it didn't even occur to me, which sucks.
i want to be there for her, I really do. but I don't want to be overbearing, and annoy her and stress her out during such a tough time. I feel like i should still check up on her regularly, but again, i don't want to annoy her. i feel like my response to her telling me about her grandad was not a good one, and I can't just leave it at that. I don't know if I should keep checking up on her, or let her grieve and let her message me if she needs me
sorry if the post is a bit hard to understand or disorganised, ive always struggled with grammar and wording things
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2021.11.27 19:58 ProudMood7196 Product recommendation?

I live in Georgia (US). I know a lot of civil war type of areas as well as land lots with evidence of inhabitants from the late 1800s, but this is Georgia, if you know the state or know someone who does you may be familiar with the term " Georgia red clay" very dense huge areas of this stuff, any recommendations for a digging tool that can handle the work load?
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