The Fallen Pillar Of AEW ( Thoughts on this storyline idea )

2021.11.27 21:27 Airus96 The Fallen Pillar Of AEW ( Thoughts on this storyline idea )

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2021.11.27 21:27 Jaded_Document2694 Punk

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2021.11.27 21:27 snoosnooks Flights booked to Singapore in Dec - risk of getting locked out?

My partner and I have tickets to visit Singapore for close friend’s wedding in mid December for four days, but I’m growing increasingly nervous that the borders will be locked while we’re in the country and get stuck there.
Wondering if I should just cut my losses, apologise to the bride and call off the trip to be safe?
Any thoughts on the odds of another lockdown?
(I’m an Aus PR and partner is citizen)
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2021.11.27 21:27 Effinlizardking Do differently colored m&ms taste different?

Are they supposed to taste different? I can only taste the chocolate but not really a difference between a red or blue colored m&m
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2021.11.27 21:27 kaceyyraee Trophy Question

I'm having a real hard time finding out which trophies I have already achieved in Hacker's Memory. Could someone fill me in on how I can check these, please? Thank you so much!
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2021.11.27 21:27 BilboBangingz Cannot find Moose anywhere on map!

I recently completed 100% of the game, and figured I might as well unlock all the garment sets and clothes from the trapper. He asked for many hard to find animals and they all had to be perfect. My last thing to find is Moose and I have to find 3 of them, in perfect 3 star condition… I’ve played all week and found only a two star one this whole time near Strawberry. Please help!!!
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2021.11.27 21:27 SovietBear4 Ciao dal Brasile

Vorrei dire che sono un discendente di immigrati italiani arrivati ​​in Brasile alla fine dell'ottocento, vorrei dire che oggi siamo più di 30 milioni di discendenti diretti di italiani, e vorrei dire come amo molto il nostro paese e la nostra cultura.
Quando voi italiani siete venuti qui, ci avete aiutato a costruire il Brasile, e la vostra influenza, il vostro sacrificio hanno aiutato a costruire un Brasile migliore e più moderno, oggi in tutti i campi del sapere e della tecnologia abbiamo italiani e figli, nipoti, pronipoti, pronipoti degli italiani. Grazie mille per tutto.
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2021.11.27 21:27 Straight_Suit9963 PYT DROPBOX hmu📲🔥🔥

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2021.11.27 21:27 WakkyYakky Question about Home Office

Just a curious question.
A little background, I work as a beverage vendor (Coke) for an academy walmart. I am pretty good with all the staff from the SM to DSD to AP and so on. Never had a problem with anyone.
My question, Does Home Office actually know what they are doing in terms of the backroom? Recently they switched the steeles around to where they want our full case cooler drinks to be on the top one. Where you have to go grab a top stack cart or a ladder just to get your cases down. These things weigh about 20-25 pounds and they want the coolers done first thing in the morning. So we are still waking up around 5/6am when we go into the store and not fully awake yet, taking these cases off the top shelf. I just find it a little overkill for them to have it up top when it could just be easily be on the bottom shelf ready to go. The DSD and AP people say they are on our side (mainly Coke and Peps since we are typically in there the longest) but they keep saying Home Office wants it this way.
Is this normal for other Walmarts or is the one im servicing just extra picky?
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2021.11.27 21:27 Jonez120 Does anyone know what Mcgregor’s jacket is?

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2021.11.27 21:27 SeaworthinessThink74 Dm to talk dirty about Catherine

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2021.11.27 21:27 MrManlyCow What is realistically the highest end headphone for EDM?

Most of the EDM I listen to is either from small creators or most likely hasn't been mastered super well, so what would be the best headphone I could get without it revealing all the issues with mastering or lack of detail? I only ask because I've heard that you can start not liking some music if you go far enough into audiophile land, but maybe that's wrong. (Open or closed) Currently using the 4XX with my Behringer UM2 audio interface.
Examples of music I listen to: Call Me by Subtact, AC600 by Austin Haga, Reborn by Kaivon
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2021.11.27 21:27 flashlightaddiction Heatran 7010 1971 8736

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2021.11.27 21:27 menchii_ Can JBL Partybox 100 always be plugged?

I had someone here help me answer this question but I want to make 100% sure. I have a JBL pulse 3 and the battery died within a year or two, rendering it unusable without a battery change. I don't have amazon and access to those batteries is complicated, so I'm looking for a boombox that can live mane years plugged to the wall. I don't want to have to change the battery.
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2021.11.27 21:27 the_sad_boi_x Is it normal to have new drywall over an old interior wall? I'll put the full explanation in the comments.

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2021.11.27 21:27 Spacemanlives First

I like the record to show I joined this subreddit before it was announced and that I was the first to make a post here 👍
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2021.11.27 21:27 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Storm Arwen: Tree fall in Bridgend narrowly misses woman | BBC

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2021.11.27 21:27 LiquidSquids Nick Saban to his 5 star crooks every year.

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2021.11.27 21:27 occisor24 I know it would never happen but wouldn't it be cool if this were on console?

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2021.11.27 21:27 Spectre_Punisher_2k FarCry5: Can anyone tell me anything about the cabin on this mountain? Tried looking for the body but no luck.

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2021.11.27 21:27 Ur_Nammu Jacques Lacan Watches Encanto: How Mirabel Embodies Feminine Subjectivity (long form essay, cross posted with r/Disney)

Many things can be said about the moral meaning of Encanto, whether it be the integrity of the family, the specialness of the ordinary, the true value of the person within rather than the external "gifts", and so on, and all of these would be true. But, what I think makes this film exceptional is how it portrays feminine versus masculine subjectivity as articulated by the French psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan. What I aim to do here is to analyze this incredible film from the standpoint of Lacanian psychoanalytic theory particularly in regard to Lacan's theorizing of sexual difference in the 1970s (Seminars XVIII-XX). I will try to keep this as jargon-free as possible, but I do need to lay out some foundational concepts.
First of all, we have to understand that from a psychoanalytic point of view, all people are lacking beings. We all have a gap within ourselves, an unspecified "something" that is missing, and we spend our whole lives trying to fill that hole with relationships, a career, money, sex, material possessions, and so on. We are constantly running on the treadmill of desire, and each thing that we desire, when we get it, fails to satisfy us completely, so we keep on desiring. In psychoanalytic parlance as invented by Freud, this is called castration. Something very important has been excised from us, and we are seeking to get it back.
Now, this occurs, according to Freud, when a child gains separation from its mother, the original object of desire. The infant desires the breast, but at some point, it must separate form the mother and develop its own personhood. To do this, the growing child exchanges the enjoyment of the mother for the enjoyment of language, with which the child can develop its subjectivity. "What do you want to be when you grow up?" is a common question adults pose to children, to which they answer, "I want to be a fireman!", "I want to be an astronaut!" or even "I want to be Batman!" These are all attempts at creating a symbolic identity for themselves, a place within the social order, and each of these brings with it a certain enjoyment. The child growing into adulthood gains enjoyment from things, objects, skills, and identities which psychoanalysts call the phallus. The phallus is anything that is taken up to cover over the site of castration, the site of lack within us. It is what we have or what we do that enables us to pretend that we are not lacking beings. A judge puts on a long, black robe and sits on high with a gavel - all of these are phallic symbols of a something, being a judge, that covers over the fact that this person is just a lacking human being like the rest of us.
This is called masculine subjectivity. It centers around the function of desire and seeks to find the phallus, which can cover over the site of lack. All people with masculine subjectivity (mostly but not restricted to biological males) are caught within this never-ending quest for the phallus.
But there is also feminine subjectivity***,*** something far more difficult to pin down and describe. In short, feminine subjects (mostly but not restricted to biological females) may or may not have phallic enjoyment. Certainly woman have the same desires and motivations as men, they have careers, goals, status, titles, etc., but unlike men or masculine subjects, they have access to a different type of enjoyment, which is a direct enjoyment with the Other.
A woman says to her husband, "How do I look in this dress?" The husband knows it is a question there is no right answer to. If he says that she looks great, she will say he is only saying that to make her feel good. If he says she does not look good in the dress, she will be offended and get angry." This is the stereotypical situation we've seen hundreds of times depicted in movies and TV shows, but while it is cliché, it shows us something about the difference between masculine and feminine enjoyment. The masculine subject will take the answer to the question at face value adjusting his or her appearance accordingly until the desired result is achieved. For the feminine subject, there is no right answer, because what is aimed at is the desire of the Other, in this case the husband, himself. The feminine subject tries to be the desire of the Other. In other words, her desire is the desire of the Other, and she enjoys being the desire of the Other. This is the basic difference between masculine and feminine subjectivity as theorized by Lacan. Now, let's turn to Encanto.
In the mythical world of Encanto, a miracle grants each person in the family a "gift", a magical ability that determines their place in the community, their "job" so-to-speak, that also gives them their identity. Freud and Lacan would call this identity the ego-ideal, because it is the ego that is given to them by the Other, in this case Abuela, that they should embody. So, we can see here how in each case each person's gift operates as a phallus, something that they can take up, an object of desire, that enables that person to cover over their lack.
But, just like with all of us, these phallic "gifts" can never entirely cover over the lack within us, and in the film, we see particular examples of how the gifts can actually be heavy burdens. This is particularly the case with Louisa, Isabel, and Bruno. What was meant to be their gift created an ego-ideal that they could never live up to, which creates contradictory feelings of hatred of the gift as well as terror of losing it, as we see with Louisa.
Each member of the family as they come to the proper age both desires the gift and, after Mirabel, is afraid of not getting one. As the object-cause of desire, or what Lacan called the objet petit a, the door stands in for the gift itself, and its presence both causes the desire and is traumatic to approach. But each member of the family has undergone this process, which we can equate with castration in psychoanalytic theory. Each one crosses the threshold of being a child to having the "gift" with their own room and name on the door, which is a symbolic representation of the new ego-ideal given to them by the Other.
Except for our dear Mirabel. She undergoes the castrating process but she does not receive the phallus to cover over the site of lack. She is barred from this masculine subjectivity. Instead, Mirabel only desires to be the desire of the family, particularly Abuela. She takes up the task of saving the family and the miracle in order to gain the desire of the rest of the family. Along the way, she is able to find and point out the lack in each member of the family, the fact that Louisa is troubled by something, that Isabel is made miserable by the task of being perfect all the time, and in particular that her Abuela can never accept any of them as being good enough. Pointing out the lack in the Other is the task of the feminine subject, because pointing out the lack in the Other means that the Other is desiring being like herself, and perhaps she can maneuver to be in the space of that desire.
And it is only because Mirabel alone among all the characters is able to operate in a feminine mode of enjoyment that she is able her to save the family, because she alone is unburdened by the phallic "gift" and is not caught up in the endless desire to embody it. Her desire is the Other itself, i.e. the family, and because of this, she can do what the rest cannot do, and that is to simply love.
Lacan says that love is giving something you do not have to someone who doesn't want it. No one else in the family wanted Mirabel's love, and the only thing she could give them was her own lack, her lack of a gift, which was the very thing that saved the family.
In the end, when the door responds to Mirabel's touch, she does not get a phallic gift. On the contrary, her gift is the family itself and the miracle of its unifying love.
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2021.11.27 21:27 Grouchy_Hat_5580 Heatran adding 10. please be online add 3899 3592 6249

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2021.11.27 21:27 TrotRaptor Tava rindo do maluco que emprestou 5k da nubank para apostar no Framengo, lembrei que tinha uns token e fui dar uma olhada kkkkkkkk

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2021.11.27 21:27 Business_Chef_105 Fibromyalgia

I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia just recently and I’m having a really hard time… I’ve been in so much pain after having my second child and I’m in so much pain I don’t know what to do no medication is helping I feel weak all my bones hurt in my body I feel like someone is squeezing my head… I have a 3 year old and almost 2 year old and I feel like I don’t want to live anymore… my grandma who helps me yells at me all the time saying I need to do better for my kids like I can’t I’m so tired and in pain… everyday I wish I didn’t wake up because I know my kids would be better off with someone else… I actually hate my life… :(
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2021.11.27 21:27 go_yeet_yourself A laptop made for school/work and gaming as well

LAPTOP QUESTIONNAIRE Total budget 1500 usd Are you open to refurbs/used? Depends if the website is reputable How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life fairly decent mouse and keyboard, along with 6+ hours of battery life if all is being done is just watching videos or doing school work How important is weight and thinness to you? Somewhat thin, weight doesn't really matter Do you have a preferred screen size? N/A Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run. I plan to run some demanding triple a games like doom and maybe some battlefield, but I'll also play some light ones like tf2 and such If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want? Probably would like something like 1080p 120-140 fps or 1440p 90-100 fps Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)? Decent build quality, touchscreen is optional, and decent trackpad and keyboard, although trackpad can be of lower build quality as i may use a mouse Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion. Expandable memory would be nice
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