Absolutely crushed this poor 3rd division Portuguese team in a pre- season friendly

2021.11.27 19:54 Prestigious-Extent90 Absolutely crushed this poor 3rd division Portuguese team in a pre- season friendly

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2021.11.27 19:54 Whiteunder40 Angry birds (YMD + Holobirds)

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2021.11.27 19:54 Beat_The_Box_ What to buy?

Hey! I was looking to upgrade, the 2 problems are force and shifter. I've seen the G27, it makes less noise, and it's ALLOT cheaper. (with shifter)
I've been using the T150 PRO for 3 years now, it's kinda dying, but I'm not sure what to get, the wheel itself is like 150 euro second hand, the T300 RS GT isn't getting sold anymore, and second hand it isn't being sold much, I want quick release for other wheels.
I wouldn't mind buying something second hand, but no idea what, i really want to spend under 100€ myself so 250€ total.
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2021.11.27 19:54 RedBurst21XX I've had it with Shinobi Striker.

When this game first came out. I played it for a bit and was very disappointed. VR missions were boring and lifeless. There was no incentive to do them.
I tried pvp and was pretty annoyed with how wonky it was. The combat felt weightless and messy. Movement was a drag. In spite of that, I pushed onward.
It wasn't until the dlc started coming out, that pvp took a turn for the worse. I knew it was coming, but dear god it really ruined matchmaking for me. I started seeing some crazy jutsu setups on avatars and I knew I was in for it.
Shortly after that, premade teams started cutting a swaft in random matches. So I did what any person with no friends on SS would do. Buy dlc to keep up with the meta.
I bought Ohnoki and Tsunade because healing was fun and I was good at it. None of that mattered though. Most of my matches were full of frustration and humility with randoms. The fun was dying for me. It was just loss after loss in a massive chain.
The straw that broke the camel's back was when I started seeing silver and gold ranks being paired up with bronze ranks. New players or casuals. Premade teams on top of that. I decided to just drop the game for a year. The game was crashing way too much.
Then I heard it got better, and I returned last month. I missed a lot, so I bought Shisui. Itachi reanimated. Neji. Adult Sauske. Sauske Last Battle. Double Sharingan Kakashi. Boruto Karma Seal. Zabuza. Naruto last battle.
How much? $38. Just to have the lastest meta jutsus. I got my groove back and got into it again. Then I saw hackers in matchmaking, popping jutsus with no cooldowns like it was candy. Something was off.
The meta was far more agreessive. Premade matches had become far more common. Randoms were still rage quitting. Matchmaking was still unbalanced. Then I realized. Shinobi Striker crashes a lot more now, and it takes forever to load back in.
I've had it with Shinobi Striker. I tried getting into it. Did several ninja world leagues. Collected a ton of cosmetics, weapons and mastered several vr masters. Most of them aren't worth investing in, or paying for.
This game is best suited for players who have friends that are active on SS. Playing with randoms isn't fun, or rewarding. It's frustrating and uneventful. I can't give this game another go. It's better than what it was, but it's still not good enough.
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2021.11.27 19:54 WholesomelyChaotic (Tw: blood and injury on a few slides) Here are all the parts so far, I'm working on the last bit ;³

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2021.11.27 19:54 pepperwood1031 Lulu Lemon Jedi

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2021.11.27 19:54 Kidw0nder [Homemade] Gouda mac n’ cheese with toasted panko breadcrumb topping!

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2021.11.27 19:54 Smokepopslyfe New community for people who smoke Canadian poppers called CanadianPoppers

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2021.11.27 19:54 XmasJ What is your biggest regret...from this week?

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2021.11.27 19:54 PositiveRealist123 Looking at the word, Future, (1 min)

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2021.11.27 19:54 Think_Blueberry_6268 I am sick of my fiancés (25M) cousin (22M) should I just play nice? What should I do?

My fiancé’s cousin came back from the military in July. Since he has been unemployed. We have filled up his truck so he can come hang out, I have made him dinners, I brought him hunting for the first time and gave him lots of opportunities to do things so he wouldn’t be bored because of his unemployment… We were hanging out every weekend and sometimes multiple times during the week. We didn’t ask for anything in return but we were always inviting him to things and making sure we paid because we have jobs.
I don’t think he is the greatest friend though and he recently has been talking to this girl that lives two hours away and he’s been out there twice in a week. (After we just filled up his truck for him over 100 bucks). I am getting a little sick of it because I feel like we didn’t need to do that now. I don’t really want to be friends with him anymore. I feel like it is a very one sided friendship, but I feel like I am going to hurt my fiancé if I say anything. He also has said multiple times how we are his only friends and how he really wants me to like his girlfriend and wants us to meet. I just feel like fundamentally nothing will change.
Should I just play nice or tell my fiancé that I think we should no longer hang out with him?
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2021.11.27 19:54 PomegranateFar2935 We get it, you’re small. You barely gain weight. You are superior to every other mother in the world.

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2021.11.27 19:54 RLCD-Bot [Fennec] [Wyvern] [Incantor] [Enjin: Roasted] [Friction]

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2021.11.27 19:54 Faszystowski_demagog Unlikely pretender to Burgundian throne

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2021.11.27 19:54 figue101 Created this gif from the wind turbine scene, always loved it. [Disclaimer: I do not own any of the content shown here]

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2021.11.27 19:54 Lukepk13 [Request] Chitty Chitty Bang Bang band parts mti

I've seen us tour ones but the mti ones have expired would be much appreciated TIA
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2021.11.27 19:54 Lavishedunlemoned Police Have No Regard For Human Feelings

Something that I think about often and that upsets me is how the police notified me of my moms death, instead of coming in person to tell me that my mom died they called me, told me over the phone (I was 18 and living alone so I had no one) where my mom was the time of her death was literally 10 minutes away from my house. Why didn't they just drove over tell me and drive me over to her house? Instead they called me had me wailing over the phone and then continued to try and tell me to come to her house to identify her. I will always look back to that day and hate the police officers that handled that case with such fucking disrespect towards me.
Long story short:
Surrey Police officers didn't consider my feelings when informing me of my mother's death. I don't know why I continue to upset myself over this but anytime I see something that reminds me of this it enrages me again.
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2021.11.27 19:54 Baramuri96 Need help installing solana tool suite.

I’m trying to install it on windows. I’m following every step on docs.solana.com. When i run the command all I get is 0curl: (7) Failed to connect to release.solana.com port 443: bad access. Anyone know how to fix? I’m pretty new to all this would greatly appreciate some help.
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2021.11.27 19:54 ilygawd Carbon Monoxide

i’m 20 years old and i’m not sure i’m at the right place to post about this but i’ll just get to the point. My moms boyfriend has a motorcycle and stores it in our garage, with the garage door closed he turned the engine on and left it running for about 30 seconds and after like 5 minutes i started smelling the gas and the house started reeking of like burnt rubber and such so i opened a window but i feel like the bits i inhaled might cause mild brain damage and i’m seriously not trying to sound dumb but i feel like he risked carbon monoxide poisoning and i do have psychosis so i’m not really sure i’m being delusional or logical about it but i don’t feel comfortable being inside of the house for now, Is what he did pose a risk of carbon poisoning?
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2021.11.27 19:54 Mystyc_Dawn Haworthia Obtusa getting squishy- Too little or too much water?

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2021.11.27 19:54 el_horchataneitor Hola solo quería publicar mi NFT que compré por 336388373⁹⁷ de pesos

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2021.11.27 19:54 NewsElfForEnterprise 'Squeezed' light might produce breakthroughs in nano-sized electronics

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2021.11.27 19:54 Lord_sinnerman P

Hello AskHistorians! You are really a wonderful resource as a sub, found many answers to my random questions just by searching, even though Reddit search is an odd tool. Thank you all for the in depth and well versed answers. Kudos to the mod team for keeping all discussion civil and academic.
I was wondering, are there any recorded instances of PTSD and other combat traumas in the Wehrmacht and the SS men involved in daily executions, like the Einsatzgruppen, camp guards, units involved in anti-partisan roles on the Eastern front and Yugoslavia, or the average G.I. that shot war prisoners on his immediate superior's orders. How were these conditions handle in the military bureaucracy of Nazi Germany? Can safely assume it was handled differently at the start of the war, or in the beginning of the Eastern invasion, then in was in late 1944/5.

Found a similar question asked 8 years ago, where some of you gave pretty good insights on the matter. Supposed it will be fruitful to ask this question again, maybe more resoures have become available online or there are some new people on this subreddit that will give their more insight on it. I will be also grateful if you can recommend some in-depth books on this topic.
Thank you all, and keep up the good work.
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2021.11.27 19:54 M1tady Sentence Diagramming.

Hello! English isn't my 1st language, so i may be missing something vey obvious. The 1st sentence is "Last summer i read some challenging authors, such as Dante, Faulkner, and Joyce." Are these 2 words ("such as") a preposition of a compound objective "Dane, Faulkner, and Joyce."? And the 2nd one is almost the same - "Last summer i read some challenging authors; for example, Dante, Faulkner, and Joyce". How to diagram "for example"? it's a prepositional phrase, but where to put "Dante, Faulkner, and Joyce"? Is It an appositive of "authors"? The link to the picture (there i tried to diagram it) - https://postimg.cc/VSZpJyBc Thank you!
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2021.11.27 19:54 wannacry4 What's a build I can buy for 1400?

Guys, I want to upgrade my old Dell Inspiron gaming desktop and I don't know what to buy and what type of board. I want to play games on Ultra or high setting
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