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2021.10.28 11:15 villazeros 😷 ☕️

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2021.10.28 11:15 goldenrags A Patriarchal Tradition That Just Won’t Budge

About a year before Christine Mallinson gave birth to her first child, she and her husband agreed that all of their children would take her last name. The decision came down to family cohesion: The couple wanted their children—they eventually had two—to share a last name with the only cousin near their kids in age, who was Mallinson’s niece.
Mallinson knew that their choice was not a popular one for heterosexual American couples—she’s a professor of sociolinguistics and gender and women’s studies at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County, and wrote a 2017 paper that, in part, analyzes patrilineal surname conventions. In 2002, researchers found that about 97 percent of married couples passed down only the father’s last name to their first kid. That proportion seems to have remained remarkably consistent: A 2017 paper studying adoptive heterosexual parents found that they gave a patrilineal surname to their child 96 percent of the time. Though few studies on the topic have been conducted, evidence suggests that in almost every American family with a mom and a dad, children receive their father’s last name.
Mallinson thinks that is partly because of inertia. She suspects that many heterosexual couples aren’t seriously discussing what they want their child’s last name to be. “I’m going to go out on a limb and say I’m not sure those are common conversations,” she told me. “For a lot of partners and family, it’s habitual and unconscious.” This norm is especially striking when compared with other patriarchal relics that have been eroding. The share of women who themselves kept their surname after marriage was about 3 percent in 1975, when some states still required women to take their husband’s name to register to vote. Three decades later, it was about 20 percent. Yet even among heterosexual couples in which each partner keeps their name, the father still passes down his last name to the kids the majority of the time. A large swath of American society has simply failed to conceive of a reality beyond patrilineal surnames.
Few scholars argue that passing down a father’s last name is wrong for any given family, but the aggregate statistics point to an enduring patriarchal culture. This is as much a reflection of the conversations that couples have—or don’t—as it is a product of desk-clerk-level policies. Some new demographics of American families, however, approach their names differently. As they opt for an array of surnames, hyphenated or otherwise, they might shift the country’s norms too.
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2021.10.28 11:15 SubstantialPace Hey everybody, I just published my book on Amazon, and wanted to show you and have your opinions! I will be more than happy to give some free copies on exchange of honest reviews on Amazon, Please tell me what you think!!!

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2021.10.28 11:15 Mirindin_CZ :)

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2021.10.28 11:15 dianchiiikkk I love not doing my homework 😈 (IKTR)

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2021.10.28 11:15 choyasauce Autofarm is now integrated with Celo! 🚀

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2021.10.28 11:15 shengch Find center point of instantiated tile grid

So the problems a bit maths really.
So I want to instantiate tiles in a grid, I'm currently using nested for loops for this
for(int x =0, x I also use a padding value so the instantiate position looks like
new Vector3(x *(tilesize+padding), 0, z *(tilesize+padding))
This creates the grid exactly like I want however I'm having issues centering the camera on this, how should I calculate the center x and z values of the grid, not the center tile as grid size can change.
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2021.10.28 11:15 apope71603 Iron Man Armor Model 16

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2021.10.28 11:15 matt2993 Italian Wedding Soup

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2021.10.28 11:15 WatchoutforaSerena Jason Voorhees Would Slay Drag Race

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2021.10.28 11:15 Banettebrochacho Is cleopatra destroying the golden lion Star level?

Cleopatra in space book 6. The “golden lion” is a mass of plasma called a star but turns out to be the dormant ra and cleopatra casually destroys it
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2021.10.28 11:15 shawnchaput Reflections...

How much doge do you guys typically receive... I try checking and website don’t work... how do you retrieve it or is it automatically?
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2021.10.28 11:15 Natb85 W: VE heavy or rifle, H: Caps

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2021.10.28 11:15 CienciasdeJoseleg Hallar la masa molar de NiCl2

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2021.10.28 11:15 FlyingSpur27 Cursed when can I see my family again

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2021.10.28 11:15 isthisnamechangeable I'm addicted to the bassline in Yes I'm Changing

It's super simple but so damn memorable, I just can't get it out of my head, it's stuck there all the time...
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2021.10.28 11:15 W3F_Bill Polkadot Digest 28 Oct 2021

Polkadot News Want to vote on Polkadot's new logo and brand identity? You can do it on-chain here: https://vote.polkadot.network/
Polkadot 0.9.12-1 has been released. Note that this a RUNTIME-ONLY release; node operators do not need to update their node software. https://github.com/paritytech/polkadot/releases/tag/v0.9.12-1
Kusama News Picasso has maintained the lead in the current auction for the entirety of the Ending Period so far. https://polkadot.js.org/apps/?rpc=wss%3A%2F%2Fkusama-rpc.polkadot.io#/parachains/auctions
Referendum 148, proposing to upgrade Kusama to runtime 9122, is currently up for vote. https://kusama.polkassembly.io/referendum/148
Note that Referendum 148 has been fast-tracked by the Technical Committee; voting will end after one day.
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2021.10.28 11:15 usernamewyatt Want to heart Matt Finestone talk about Loopring in an interview? Check out this episode of the Into the Ether from June of 2020.

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2021.10.28 11:15 xxslikmurdererxx Predictions

Any chances we may drop another zero today?
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2021.10.28 11:15 from_e Company ski trip planning?

I need to help my executive plan a company ski trip with people flying in from all over the world. Any logistics tips or general suggestions to keep in mind? Has anyone here planned a trip like this for a lot of people that turned out a great success?
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2021.10.28 11:15 SunnyGreengrass How is 'Roonil Wazlib' supposed to be laughable?

English is not my first language, so I have only dim feeling that RW is ridiculous because of how silly and absurd the words sound. I'd like to know if there's some pun intended or obvious assosiation that I didn't catch. In Russian and Ukrainian translations that I read before Roonil Wazlib was made both into something just sounding funny (Russian) and pun-like (Ukrainian). Hence the question.
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2021.10.28 11:15 JosephStalin1953 good morning frens

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2021.10.28 11:15 aPenumbra [FRESH] SALES - Can't Be Yours Forever

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2021.10.28 11:15 MADLaing m27 what you sayin’? Just out of interest…

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2021.10.28 11:15 mcdavem Coin Market Cap glitch = Binance listing?

Coin Market Cap is owned by Binance. The glitch is only affecting Evergrow Coin. Glitches like this only happen for typically 1 of 2 reasons. Bad data in (likely in this case) or updates to programming. What if Binance is updating code in preparation of listing EGC on their platform? Sam did mention they are working on a listing with an exchange but could not say who it was due to NDAs. Probably not the case, but it is a possibility, right?
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