Welp. Senna and LDR are back to the drawing board.

Hey people! I'm hoping to get some help from the experts here. When I was a small child in the late 90s I remember having a real life Mario cart that was electric for kids. Partner #2 must repeat them back to Partner #1 in order. Then they switch. ... writing them down or drawing them. To increase the difficulty, increase the number of items and decrease the amount of time they have to look at images. 2. When Did You Last? ... Questions to Exercise the Mind by Matthew Welp. As a priest I found using this after Hymn of Hope provides the best mana back, due to the 20% bonus from the hymn. ... since you are basically drawing magic out of them for a second. You're not releasing anything into them. And the reason for a cool down is the blood elfs self control to not become an energy junky and turn into a wretched. Like ... r/silenthill: Silent Hill Subreddit. Discussions, Jokes, News, Guides, Wiki. Enter at your own risk, subscribers here are known to be pulled into … Erika didn't text her back and she couldn't even use that to create some drama. At the dinner? Her trying to wipe Erika's tears and holding her? I am glad Erika checked her. I don't get why she was trying to be the shoulder to cry on? Erika doesn't like her and they arent friends. Chibi Maker by ~gen8 is built with elegant, simple yet supremely detailed components. For a game of its sort, the artist has packed a surprisingly amount of content in it, offering users a full suite of customizability.

2021.09.29 03:48 zaad97 Welp. Senna and LDR are back to the drawing board.

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2021.09.29 03:48 socioecohistory Singapore Silver Bullion Sales Update: At Least 7,130oz of Silver Bars & 1,000oz of Silver Coins Sold for 28 September 2021

Singapore Silver Bullion Sales Update: At Least 7,130oz of Silver Bars & 1,000oz of Silver Coins Sold for 28 September 2021 Approximate sales figures taken from:https://www.silverbullion.com.sg/Shop/Buy/Silver_Bars
Approx. sales for 28 September 2021
I do not track smaller bars or smaller coins. Spot any errors pls comment below. Silver Bullion Singapore is a major supplier of precious metals. The other being BullionStar(https://www.bullionstar.com/). I do not have info on BullionStar silver sales. Apart from these 2 there are others ... and many jewelry shops.
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2021.09.29 03:48 TonytehGreat Is matchmaking just broken (xbox)?

Earlier I tried for twelve minutes to find a match, then restarted and tried for another ten. Trying now and not getting anyone, have the devs acknowledged this yet?
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2021.09.29 03:48 CantThinkOfAUser226 26[M4F] Texas, Dallas or anywhere near by

I'm currently looking for a friend or more, I just miss giving someone lots of attention. If possible pls be from Dallas, I don't mind Long distance but so far it hasn't worked out. My hobbies are really all over the place, I cook, play games, watch anime or random TV shows, play basketball or soccer. It really doesn't matter where you want to chat but snap would work best and maybe vc on discord at a certain point. I also work full time and attend Uni full time so I'm very limited in time, I would appreciate someone who wouldn't get inpatient with me and ghost me lol.
Anyways if you're interested hmu
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2021.09.29 03:48 No_Application5335 I'm still not sure why I've been holding onto this for so long...

This is probably going to end up being longer than it needs to be and have some unnecessary details - today I have found the need to share this to be much more overwhelming than it has been in the past, so I'm just writing this as it comes to me.
First off I should say that although I am an avid believer in the paranormal, most of the experiences I have had I've been able to explain some other way. Except for this one. When I was 19 or 20 I lived in an apartment that definitely had some weird activity going on. Cups flying out of cupboards, doors closing on their own without a breeze, objects being found in different places than they were left in, electrical things turning on and off by themselves, that sort of stuff. I knew all about this and had even witnessed some of it before I moved in, but things like that don't scare me, they interest me. After I moved in I saw some more weird stuff and friends witnessed some of these things too, but still nothing had happened that was so absolutely mindblowing that I was scared.
I worked late most nights and often wouldn't get home until midnight or later. One night I got home and wanted to take a shower - a bit out of the ordinary for me as I usually just go straight to sleep and take a shower before work the next day. But I really wanted to take a shower, so I did. When I got out, I noticed some finger-like marks on the fogged up mirror, which wasn't all that strange because that actually happened a lot. So I didn't think much of it, and wiped the mirror with a towel and began brushing my teeth. After a few seconds I thought I could feel something close behind me, but there was nothing in the mirror. Just as I thought "huh, that's weird", I felt something grab my hair and jerk my head back. I dropped my toothbrush and froze. I couldn't move my head forward, it really felt like someone had my hair in their fist and was holding it tight. Then I felt my back arch and my hips move back. I still felt like I couldn't move. For less than a minute I felt something enter inside me and pumping rhythmically. It was really such a short amount of time that I felt something inside me, and the second it pulled out my back relaxed and I could pull my head back forward. I looked at myself in the mirror and tried to figure out what had happened, I had even tried to convince myself that I, subconsciously, had just completely imagined it, made my body move that way, and imagined feeling something inside me. Over the next few years I kept trying to figure out what happened. Since I couldn't figure out any non-paranormal explanation that satisfied me I've just kept this story a secret. This is the first time I've even written about it. I don't know why but after holding onto this experience for years I just feel the need to share it. Who knows, maybe some of you have similar stories you'd like to share.
Anyways, TLDR; I think was a fucked by a ghost.
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2021.09.29 03:48 samtar-thexplorer2 Posts hitting brick wall? Shadow ban symptom??

8k+ followers. In the last month, seems most of my posts have been hitting a brick wall of 150 likes and a reach of 1500 accounts (20% not following). Pretty odd, as previously my most unpopular posts maybe did these numbers, but frequently did double or triple these numbers. The other odd part is I'll have a post doing VERY well, getting lots of likes and comments in a very short period of time, and then BOOM, brick wall, it just stops and turns to a trickle.

For reference. I'm a musician, posting my own music content. I used to post 3 times a week. Tried doing daily, but engagement dropped. Went back to 3 times, and then took a big break. Since coming back from a break for like a week, it seems it's been hard to get numbers back up. Which to me is also odd, as I feel like I recall in the past a break usually helping with engagement.

I have been considering giving a solid two weeks of no posting to sort of "cleanse" my account?
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2021.09.29 03:48 ElKaijuza Yep, Another one, what is the most overrated and underrated episodes?

Yea I don’t have a opinion of this one so disappointing right?
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2021.09.29 03:48 Crimson_Carp748 Not in this situation but I'm curious

If you hooked up with a minor who lied about their age so that you would have sex with them and showed you a realistic looking fake ID to "verify" that they were over the age of 18. What kind of legal trouble would you be in under such a situation? Would you still face the same penalties despite having been lied to and misled? Would the minor face any charges? Again I'm not in this situation nor do I expect to be. Just wondering what the law would say to this situation.
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2021.09.29 03:48 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.29 03:48 Hammer_Of_Discipline [Spoiler] All known helmets at launch (from: HaloLeaks Discord)

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2021.09.29 03:48 DontFall_in Optical nerve cupping

I am considered a glaucoma suspect because of high IOP and optic nerve cupping. The eye doctor did not dilate my eyes or do a physical exam at all. The machine that takes a picture was what showed I guess the optical nerve cupping, he said it was larger than it should be. But did no further exam. My question is, how accurate are the pictures of my eye, is that an acceptable way to rule out glaucoma, or is dilation necessary in order to be sure? And does the optic nerve cupping + the high IOP put someone at high risk?
I accidentally deleted my similar post earlier, my bad.
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2021.09.29 03:48 PianistNo396 💎 TRENDY 💎 | The token for luxury shopping is here! | Launch on 1st October | Contract already deployed!

💎 TRENDY is the first token that holders can spend anonymously on luxury products! 👜⌚️💻 No need to convert them in FIAT!
❌ The biggest limit of the tokens that are developed every day is that they have no other use case than to be traded and are only used for speculation.
✅ Trendy is different, it is spendable through our ecommerce of luxury products that will be released soon!
Website: https://trendy.finance🚀
Join us on Telegram: https://t.me/TrendyToken
Whitepaper: https://trendy.finance/whitepaper.pdf
Token information:
💰 1 Trillion total supply
🥞 950 Billion PancakeSwap allocation (95%)
💻 5 Billion dev-wallet (5%)
🚨 Devs have a withdraw limit of 20BNB a week from their wallet, DUMP IMPOSSIBLE.
🚫🤖 Built-in bot recognition system.
⚡️Static Rewards: 2% of each transaction rewards holders in $TRENDY: hold and earn.
📈 BuyBack Mechanics: 6% of each transaction is used by our contract to buy back and burn tokens, maintaining the price and saving the holders from massive dumps.
🤝 Marketing: 3% distributed to the marketing wallet and used to finance community proposals.
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2021.09.29 03:48 mikotocore Asian shoegaze and noise-rock playlist

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2021.09.29 03:48 ShowerFamous Extremely Elaborate Scam friend lost all savings in 6 digits.

Crazy story:
Friend X gets contact by whatsapp by an attractive chinese lady Y from New York pretending to contact Mr. nobody . She then apologizes for the mistake then starts chatting with Friend X.
Over the next week, she gets closer and closer to him. A couple of days later, the conversation switched to how she does trades and invests in crypto currency and how this helped her save her garment business back home from COVID related bankruptcy.
She even shared occasional screenshots of her profits. The site she uses is linked to (pm for link) hidden. (clearly a fake website) but friend X created an account. Lady then guided him through transferring money from his bank to Coinbase and then to CBOEX. Note she only told him what to do and he never gave her any of his account information as she never asked.
At that point she switched to using her personal phone number (so she claimed). Initially she showed him how to lockup money using C___EX (pm for name) and make money in a safe way (0.5% interest per day).
Being a newbie in crypto my friend had no idea what was happening and fell in the trap. Afterwards she showed him another method of short-term trading with 20% returns. Then Talked to him about subscriptions and buying new coin offerings.
Friend X kept seeing his profit increasing and kept injecting more and more money ( hundreds of thousands). She even proposed he buy some new coin offering ( also scams )
Seeing his huge profit, friend X tries to withdraw a portion of funds but was blocked from doing so. he reached out to customer service (via website chat) and they said I have to pay 22% tax within 5 days before he can withdraw any fund. They requested to send the tax to a crypto wallet. HE DID incredibly... they sent him a fake tax report and asked another $250k to release the funds.
Thank god friend did not do it. but it was too late he had lost more than half a million $.
At the moment he is still in constant contact with LADY Y on her Personal / SMS numbers. What do you guys think we should do? Anyway to white hack them ? I have a list of all the transactions with the addresses. Is coinbase liable ?
I was put in the loop just today.
thank you all for reading
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2021.09.29 03:48 gar8690 (Selling) F9 4K, Cruella 4K, Black Widow 4K, Promising Young Woman, Nomadland, Minari, No Country for Old Men, Kingsman saga 4K, Hunger Games saga 4K, Jurassic Park saga 4K, 1917 4K, Trainspotting, Apocalypse Now 4K, Florida Project, Under the Skin, Bambi, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Aladdin, Looper

PayPal only. All firm, please.
• 1917 (4K UHD/MA): $5.99
• A24’s Midsommar (HD/Vudu): $4.99
• A24’s The Florida Project (HD/Vudu): $4.99
• A24’s Under the Skin (HD/Vudu): $4.99
• Aladdin 1992 Signature Edition (4K UHD/MA split with points): $5.99
• Alien Covenant (4K UHD/iTunes, ports MA): $4.99
• A Quiet Place (4K UHD/iTunes split): $3.99
• A Simple Favor (4K UHD/iTunes): $5.99
• Apocalypse Now (4K UHD/iTunes or Vudu): $6.99
• Bambi (HD/Google Play split, ports MA): $4.99
• Black Widow (4K UHD/MA split with points): $9.99
• Cruella (4K UHD/MA split with points): $9.99
• darren aronofsky’s mother! (4k uhd/itunes split): $3.99
• Dredd 2012 (4K UHD/iTunes): $2.99
• Disney’s Robin Hood (HD/Google Play split, ports MA): $4.99
• Furious 7 extended (4K UHD/iTunes, ports MA): $2.99
• F9: The Fast Saga (4K UHD/MA): $9.99
• Godzilla vs Kong (HD/MA): $4.99
• Hustlers (4K UHD/iTunes): $4.99
• It Follows (HD/Vudu): $4.99
• Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle (4K UHD/MA): $5.99
• Jurassic Park 4-film bundle (I, Lost World, III and Jurassic World (4K UHD/MA): $14.99
• Kingsman The Secret Service (4K UHD/MA) & The Golden Circle (4K UHD/iTunes, ports MA): $6.99
• Looper (HD/MA): $4.99
• Luc Besson’s Anna (4K UHD/iTunes or Vudu): $3.99
• Minari (HD/MA): $5.99
• No Country for Old Men (HD/Vudu): $4.99
• Nomadland (HD/MA split): $5.99
• Peter Pan & Peter Pan: Return to Never Land (both HD, Google Play splits, ports MA): $9.99
• Pinocchio (HD/Google Play split, ports MA): $4.99
• Promising Young Woman (HD/MA): $5.99
• Pulp Fiction (HD/Vudu): $4.99
• Shark Tale (HD/MA): $4.99
• Shazam! (4K UHD/MA): $5.99
• Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (HD/Google Play split, ports MA): $4.99
• The Call of the Wild (HD/MA split with points): $3.99
• The Greatest Showman (HD/MA): $3.99
• The Hobbit trilogy theatrical and extended 6-film bundle (4K UHD/MA): $19.99
• The Hunger Games complete collection (four movies 4K UHD/iTunes): $12.99
• Trainspotting Collector's Edition (HD/Vudu): $4.99
• Underworld unrated (HD/MA): $4.99
• Upgrade (HD/MA): $5.99
• Us (4K UHD/MA): $5.99
• Where the Wild Things Are (HD/MA): $4.99
• X-Men Days of Future Past (4K UHD/iTunes, ports MA): $4.99
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2021.09.29 03:48 reddit_feed_bot DailyCaller: Ibram X. Kendi Awarded MacArthur ‘Genius’ Grant https://t.co/kTyhHLIET0

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2021.09.29 03:48 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (PRIVATE PROPERTY) 657 N TOWN CENTER DR 9/28/2021 6:40:57 PM incident #LLV210900121077
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2021.09.29 03:48 BabyStarDust20 Does anyone have my ISO’s for sale/trade/can do pickups? :)

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2021.09.29 03:48 Nathan-6874 Looking for scholarship

Are you actively playing in under a scholarship?
I am no longer playing under a scholarship for our manager cancelled our scholarship due to the update. He no longer want to continue investing in axie
Why should we choose you?
I am already an experienced player before the update I was able to gain 227 slp maximum and 200 slp minimum, the highest mmr I was able to maintain was 1350.
I am very confident in my skills and knowlege. I will offer my loyalty to your program just like what I did for my former scholarship.
I will not be a burden for I will extend my hands in helping you reach your goal.
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2021.09.29 03:48 reddit_feed_bot DailyCaller: Democrats are facing a sticky situation as they struggle with a reconciliation package and raising the debt ceiling, all while they maintain control over the three branches of government. https://t.co/VYd2HZk4Dw

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2021.09.29 03:48 Yater_Risky LF: Melmetal (unregistered) and meltan mirror trade (reg)

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2021.09.29 03:48 RockEngineer97 Harmony is coming to the cross chain

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Unlimited uses, just have to create new accounts whenever you’ve used up your three previous discounts and want more cheap food! 🙂
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2021.09.29 03:48 probably_aedrian ITAP of friend on grass

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2021.09.29 03:48 thoughtfuldesign Alternative Beverages - What’s your go to?

What is your favorite alternative beverages now that you don’t drink alcohol? I enjoy many LaCroix or the Costco Kirkland brand version throughout the day and evening. I also enjoy bottled extra strength Reeds Ginger Beer as a special treat. At night I usually enjoy some sort of sleepy time, ginger, mint, etc. tea while unwinding. I definitely find comfort and joy in these alcohol free options.
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