It annoys me whenever someone says “Shakespeare is so hard to read it’s like another language”

2021.09.29 05:09 Unabled_The_Disabled It annoys me whenever someone says “Shakespeare is so hard to read it’s like another language”

Like 🗿 it’s written in English.
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2021.09.29 05:09 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.29 05:09 SpringyAlloy73 Google is doing their part

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2021.09.29 05:09 Mysterious-Feature24 No one to talk to

I felt bad today and couldn’t think of anyone I could call for a sympathetic ear. I ended up feeling worse after thinking about my close friend who died 5 years ago. For me, middle age has meant being too involved with my family to have any personal time to develop new friendships. Everyone says they’re there if you need to talk, but that’s BS.
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2021.09.29 05:09 peanies Pen recommendations

I need some pen/felt recommendations for my bujo! Looking for some nice coloured pens that have a somewhat fine tip but aren't like a fineliner or ball point pen. Also ones that don't smudge/bleed through too much.
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2021.09.29 05:09 Inkblot9 D2 Imperialism Map, Week 4

MAP Last week
The GMAC and GLVC ended up splitting this season's 16 games against each other evenly. But in the context of this map, this week was a disaster for the GMAC. Truman defeated Tiffin (consolidating four territories), Lindenwood beat Findlay (consolidating three), and 0-3 Southwest Baptist nabbed two territories from 3-0 Lake Erie. The GMAC is now completely off the map, with only conference games remaining (barring any covid-related shifts). Meanwhile, Truman and Lindenwood meet this week to determine ownership of a total of 7 territories.
A consolidation game was cancelled in the SAC between Catawba and Wingate. It's possible now for both to go 10-0 and not meet until the playoffs. Meanwhile in the GSC, West Alabama and West Georgia both won, setting up a consolidation game for five territories. In the SIAC, Fort Valley State beat Allen and took one territory.
With Wayne State (NE)'s upset of Minnesota–Duluth and theft of 8 territories, the NSIC South Division holds all the land in the conference at the end of four weeks of cross-division play. But it's not hopeless for the North; since both divisions have 7 teams, one crossover game will take place each remaining week. Concordia (St. Paul) will attempt to get some land back for the North when they play Minnesota State this week.
Bentley defeated American International, consolidating 8 territories, while New Haven took one from Southern Connecticut. Elsewhere in Super Region One, Frostburg State expanded their empire from three to four by beating Concord; they will not have a chance to gain more this week, due to UNC Pembroke losing their two to Fairmont State. Kutztown defeated Shepherd and thereby completed a three-way transitive circle with Indiana (PA); the Golden Bears control a nation-high 9 territories.
The GNAC (to the extent that it can be considered a conference) is off the map, with Central Washington losing their 3 territories to Angelo State; CWU has a chance to get back on this week when they play Angelo State. In the RMAC, Colorado Mesa beat Chadron State and expanded their empire from two to four. Mesa will now meet CSU Pueblo and the winner will hold five territories; Colorado Mines will play Western Colorado in another consolidation game for eight.
Grand Valley State beat Michigan Tech and expanded their empire from one to three. Northwood returned to the map (3 territories) with a win over Northern Michigan and will meet Ferris State in a consolidation game this week for five.
Harding beat Ouachita Baptist, consolidating four territories. The GAC will see two consolidation games this week, each for six territories (i.e. half the conference's land): Harding at Oklahoma Baptist and Henderson State at Southeastern Oklahoma State. In the MIAA, Washburn returned to the map, taking four territories from Missouri Western.
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2021.09.29 05:09 tv_dinner123 I don’t have a hamster, but I may consider getting one

I was wondering if the place where you get a hamster matters when buying one. My sister had one and it was nasty and bit everyone every time anyone picked it up. Are they nice and have personalities or are they just things that sit there. My sisters just sat in the cage all the time and that was it. Is there something to owning a hamster I don’t know about?
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2021.09.29 05:09 Csenior10 Is there any way to make the stamped or engraved information deeper?

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2021.09.29 05:09 _annnnonnnnn_ Meta perks right now?

For regular and rebirth
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2021.09.29 05:09 Captain_brownbeard Ladies! How would you feel if the guy asked to split the bill on a first date? Let's assume he is not interested in a second date.

A. You prefer splitting. B. The guy has to pay on a first date. C. You don't mind it but it would make things awkward.
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2021.09.29 05:09 ActualPieceofPoop Abandoned compound in lake worth?

I was driving in lake worth and ended up taking a wrong turn into a neighborhood and came across what looks like an abandoned religious(?) compound? In the neighborhood west of boat club and Azle, off Brianhill to be specific.
Couldn’t find a name on it to Google, does anyone know anything or have any info on what it’s even called to do some research?
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2021.09.29 05:09 nice-username-bro Wholesome?

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2021.09.29 05:09 GG_Gaming29 14M Tanner test maybe wrong?

I did the tanner test and im at stage 3 and they say that at that moment i grow fast but havent even grow yet im only 5.3/5.4 anything there and i have no armpit hair ,no cracking sound never had that, my voice is high, no pimples, Only have a good amount of public hair and my penis didnt even grow. Did i do something wrong or?
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2021.09.29 05:09 Throwaway2Experiment Who's going to tell him?

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2021.09.29 05:09 BumblingBeta It's my cakeday today! 3 years old

It's my cakeday today! 3 years old A great day to celebrate!!! :D
This was a cake that was given to me on a previous cakeday.
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2021.09.29 05:09 aus_sidney [Chris Creamer] All NHL Teams Switch to Primegreen Jerseys, Introduce “Dimensional Embroidery” to Crests

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2021.09.29 05:09 EddySmith19 What difficulty do you play?

View Poll
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2021.09.29 05:09 prodby_kyle long

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2021.09.29 05:09 germancarbuyer Is the 2019 BMW 430i a representative car?

I test drove a 430i. Maybe my expectations were wrong, but the car didn't feel any different form a Charger or a Camaro, both of which I have driven before and highly disliked. These cars had a heavyweight feel to the entire driving experience that is clumsy, in my mind. Of course it's largely psychological, as I could drive just fine, but I didn't enjoy myself.
I was also test driving near rush hour so I couldn't exactly let a lot of throttle out, however I've previously driven the 2019 Audi A5 and Q5 in the same traffic, and the Audis felt a lot more smooth and refined.
I like the BMW brand for its own sake, but are all their cars heavy-feeling like the 430i, or is there anything closer to an Audi-like smooth refinement?
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2021.09.29 05:09 TheKingOfPencils kinda repetitive meme sorry

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2021.09.29 05:09 Poka-yoke1 The doomsday portfolio for optimists

If you have a mental block against puts but still want to make money in the apocalypse, consider Newell Brands $NWL owner of Rubbermaid. Not only will demand for plastic crates to bury in your back yard explode, they also own Yankee Candle for when the power fails. Any other suggestions?
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2021.09.29 05:09 zachisoncrack This one goes out to all the introverts.

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2021.09.29 05:09 gothgirl_27 😂😂

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2021.09.29 05:09 Professional_Fig434 Any one have steering wheels suggestions

Links will be very helpful nothing over 300$
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2021.09.29 05:09 psytrancedsquid Adam Ellis, Julia Ross, Sean Kennie - Voices With No Echoes

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