Which pro Apex teams land Swamps on Kings Canyon?

2021.09.29 03:32 8agels Which pro Apex teams land Swamps on Kings Canyon?

Just wondering! :)
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2021.09.29 03:32 NASATVENGINNER Bags 1 - 6 of the Saturn V (92176)

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2021.09.29 03:32 ConsciousGlove9 Reached 100% perfection today and honestly I teared up a little bit 🥲

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2021.09.29 03:32 sheitan777 Plenty Ideas & No Writers

I’ve got no talent or desire for long form writing but as a lover of film and lifelong note taker, I came up with fifty or so log-lines and concepts during shutdown.
I know there’s no real value in an idea by itself but these are all pretty damn viable and marketable and I’m sure people with a penchant for character work or backgrounds in writing could do a lot with them.
Anything to do besides let them rot on my laptop?
No one likes the lazy « idea guy » so hey, feel free me to tell me to fuck right off.
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2021.09.29 03:32 Bar-barra Don’t be too happy about Cornell…

This happened in the 1980’s. Entitled mother treats oldest brother as Golden child. Younger brother looks like father and is called a loser by EM as dad loses his job more than once but gets a new job. Younger brother got into Cornell and was having the best time at the school describing parties and the school and it’s amenities when home for the holidays. EM asks him with a whisper to his ear, can you please be less happy about Cornell as your brother is unhappy hearing about it. Like she shushed him as she said that. It was like a punch to the stomach as all the air was sucked out of the room. Another time the EM made roast beef and used the electric knife to make beautiful slices. They sat to eat, EM said to younger brother to not take the good looking pieces as older brother is coming home later.
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2021.09.29 03:32 hikittyy1 your mom’s sus

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2021.09.29 03:32 sk8border4511 Help please?

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2021.09.29 03:32 mumblesunderbreath Why should I get SC?

I’ve just watched a YT video on SC and I’m being tempted to get the game again. Can you tell me why I should spend 45 USD on the game? Tell me why you love this game!
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2021.09.29 03:32 Lucy_Tenebris 💙Lacy Blues💙

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2021.09.29 03:32 confusedmathaussie 23M Bsc in Math, Need advice for what projects to do?

Hey I'm not sure if this is the right sub for this, but I'm a recent math major graduate, need help getting into the industry. I live in NZ if that's relevant somehow. I fucked last year due to stress and covid so I wasn't able to get an internship. I don't have "proper" job experience aside from volunteering for charities. Is there anyway I could do to enter the field? I have knowledge in python, R and SQL and code in them confidently not an expert but I can build several bots and can do basic NLP stuff.
I just feel like I fucked up with choosing math... I need advice I'm slowly losing hope as every fucking job requires 2 years and there's not one entry level shit here. I'm sorry if this feels more like a rant but my hopes just been down last few days.
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2021.09.29 03:32 3ndG4me_ All My Monsters - Lost on Lemans

Hey everyone I’m in a pop punk band and we just dropped a new video. Check it out!!!
All My Monsters - Lost on Lemans
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2021.09.29 03:32 urymasa1970 No es por nada, pero quedó bueno este Thor

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YOOOOOOO WE FINALLY HIT 1000 SUBS❤️❤️ FACE REVEAL KGKRKVKRJKFKFKF❤️❤️❤️❤️ submitted by RonTheRatKing to TheRatEmpire [link] [comments]

2021.09.29 03:32 HawkEye1000x Blockchain for the ticket office for Ed Sheeran’s next concert at the Stade de France

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2021.09.29 03:32 notknavish Do law schools mind if I submit 2-3 year old LSAT scores?

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2021.09.29 03:32 trex_reese Fall colors on the Peak to Peak highway, CO.

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2021.09.29 03:32 Moge12345678910 How do y'all like my ranking?

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2021.09.29 03:32 Pyr0sky3 Looks like my post aged well 😬😬😬😬

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2021.09.29 03:32 CommonD Labialized consonants in Brazilian Portuguese

I am Brazilian and I noticed a strange phenomenon in my own speech when I speak words ending in /p/, /t/ or /k/ followed by unstressed /us/.
Words like "sapos", "tatos" and "cacos" are pronounced by me like [s'apʷs], [t'atʷs] and [k'akʷs], instead of [s'a.pus], [t'a. tus] and [k'a.kus], that is, when I speak in a natural way, instead of pronouncing the before the /s/, I labialize the consonant that basically becomes a labial affricate. I checked by putting my hand on my throat and the vocal cords never vibrate when pronouncing . I see this always happens with /t/ and /k/, but not always with /p/.
I know it is well known that in the dialect of São Paulo, which is, by the way, mine, words ending in /p/, /t/ or /k/ followed by unstressed /is/ are pronounced as affricates /ps/, / ts/ and /ks/, but I never saw anything about the same happening in the case I just mentioned. Do you know anything about the subject? I tried asking this in the Portuguese subreddit but I didn't have much luck.
Here an example
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2021.09.29 03:32 The_Kuroi_Kenshi Daily K-ON! #2629: Sleepover

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2021.09.29 03:32 roachclipreggie Lil Peep’s Mom Says His Record Label Owes Her $4 Million

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2021.09.29 03:32 xXNOT_Oj_S1mpson09Xx Who is Nivellen?

I have played the Witcher 3, read the first 3 novels, and seen the first season of the Netflix series. I am unfamiliar with the character of Nivellen, who is shown in the new trailer for the Netflix series. Ithought season 2 was based off the third novel (Blood of Elves) so I’m unsure how I don’t recognize the character. Did I miss something or is he from the fourth novel?
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2021.09.29 03:32 darkdaddy52 Airpods volume issue

Im having issues controlling my airpods volume being way too quiet on my V30. I've disabled the absolute volume and it didnt work. I read that the V30 only turns up device volume and not bluetooth devices volume. Is there an app or fix to be able to have a decent volume on Airpods? TIA
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2021.09.29 03:32 Petitelatinabarbie Panties for sell 💖 Med student Panties💦 $25 Kik: petitelatina07 🍒

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2021.09.29 03:32 BJTZ_ The color of Chinaball

Why is the color of Chinaball in most comics of polandball different from the color I extracted on the official website of Chinese government?
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