Replacement Insoles

2021.09.29 03:51 Potluckhotshot Replacement Insoles

Howdy comrades. I’ve burned through the footbeds in my both my Thorogoods and Blundstones from many months of farm labor. Both pairs of boots are still kicking but the insoles are shot and I think it’s really starting to hurt my ankles and heels. Any recommendations for aftermarket insoles? Think I’d be the memory foam type of guy but I’m open to anything.
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2021.09.29 03:51 floodlenoodle ITAP of Estes Park, CO

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2021.09.29 03:51 Chikosenpai86 Media locations

Media locations So this may be an odd/stupid question, but where do default media folders (3D objects, desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos) open files from? In the main file explorer page these folders are in a separate group from your drives themselves and dont directly say where theyre opening the files from. Do they open from the drive that holds Windows? If so, shouldnt it not show files of that type from other drives? Is there a way for you to change which drive they open to so you dont have to open the drive directly and open folders from there (basically make it so you open "Videos" and it only shows video files from one specific drive for example)? Or do they just show every file of that specific type (Video, Music, ect..) from every drive together when you open that folder from the file explorer page?
Picture for example, I just finished building my first PC and havent done anything to it yet.
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2021.09.29 03:51 FancyJesse Feedback on 6.5kW Proposal

Hi everyone, been lurking for a while and doing a ton of Googling. Total solar noob here.
I've gotten a few quotes and they varied greatly which confused me.
So far the best offer I have is:
Microinverters: Enphase iQ7
DC system size: 6.46kW
Year 1 production: 10400 kWh
Cash price: $22k financed 20yr
For kicks, the possible worst offer I got was:
Panels: 17x Silfab 370
Microinverters: Enphase iQ7+
DC system size: 6.29kW
Year 1 production: 9517kWh
Cash price: $33k financed 25yr
Am I making a mistake going with the first option? First quote stated a 100% offset.
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2021.09.29 03:51 FR0ZENBERG ID please on these funky peeps. NorCal.

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2021.09.29 03:51 theworldisyourzzz 5 should start calling himself 5.Roy

Like how Von called himself V.Roy
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2021.09.29 03:51 scarann98 Only 3 embryos 😢

Out of 18 fertilized eggs we are down to only 3 embryos. They still have to be sent off for PGT I’m so upset:( I’m only 23 and I feel like obviously my egg quality isn’t good.
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2021.09.29 03:51 liverichly Boys Noize at CRSSD Fall 2021

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2021.09.29 03:51 Count_RinzlerYz5 What's your best >Refuses to elaborate >Leaves story?

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2021.09.29 03:51 MkOs_ .

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2021.09.29 03:51 victoriajanerivera LF: catalog white bike, brown kidz tent, brown bunk bed, brown den desk FT: bells, nmts

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2021.09.29 03:51 JeMelon13 Complete the sentence: "Most annoying thing about this community is _______________"

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2021.09.29 03:51 Sneed_Pilled I don’t want to hear it McBain. That CANNON of yours is against regulations!

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2021.09.29 03:51 AddiictxD Just took my dog a bath . This is 20 minutes after

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2021.09.29 03:51 ST_Church AITA for Swearing At A Teacher, Costing Me My Exam?

Hi Mark! Long time watcher love the channel and hope you keep up the great work! <3
I am from the UK and this story takes place about 8 years ago at secondary school, high school for any non-UK readers out there. Our GCSE exams are the most important part of our school life so to fail them, it's bad but you can retake your exams but to be able to retake them you have to go to the retake classes these will be important later.
A little background of why I blew a metophorical gasket, I had failed a majority of my core subjects, english literature being one of them. I struggled to study the first time around and my home environment did not help, my controlling mother and her abusive boyfriend. It became unbearable once my exams had started, it felt like I had no control over my own life and led to some very unhealthy coping strategies.
I was home at 5PM made my microwave ready dinner, ironic my mother was a chef but never cooked home meals. I had to study for at least three hours and go to bed at 10/11PM leaving only 1/2 hours to do my hobbies. It got to a point where I would purposefully miss the bus and walk the hour to get home just to have some free time, text friends, listen to music, etc. I regret not taking more time for myself.
If neither my mother or her boyfriend thought I was studying hard enough, as in didn't have study material on my laptop at all the times they would check on me. I was punished with no electronics all evening, this meant; no Xbox, no phone, taking the power cord out of my goddamn tv and dvd player so I had zero entertainment I can no longer sleep in silence even now, because silence means punishment. Thanks, mother.
A couple of weeks before I was meant to take this class before my own mother was calling me a disapointment after I initially got my GCSE results, mentally? I was not okay... I was under all this pressure to exceed my mock exam results (C's and high D's) to only go further down (E's and F's).
The teacher that hosted one of my retake classes was Mrs C was not a kind person despite not having even seen her before I already knew what she was like, her reputation proceeded her. I never planned on disliking Mrs C despite the story, I just wanted to knock these classes out and do the exam my depression was so high during this time I laser focused on getting work done.
The day finally come for my very first class with Mrs C, there were about 10 students I was the third one in line. I had decided to sit down at the back of the retake class because due to all the stress I simply wanted to be able sit at the back and get on with work and not have to worry about being called upon and Mrs. C had turned around from the board, she noticed where I decided to situate myself and conversation went like this;
"Sitting at the back? No wonder you failed your exams." This woman who I has never met me before touched the wrong nerve, I lost it.
"It's not like I want to be here." I mumbled under my breath.
"What was that?"
"It's not like I want to be here." I was more confident the second time, because I was pissed.
"You are more than free to leave."
If it wasn't for my anger management classes the school made me take, I was a very angry teen I got into a lot of fights. Instead I decided to simply not engage with her because anymore and I would've snapped if it carried on so I silently packed my things and began to leave.
Before leaving, I had decided to vent more frustration towards her.
"I wouldn't want to be in your class anyways, you fat *See you next Tuesday*." I did not raise my voice, but I remember sounding like I was seething with anger.
Slamming the classroom door shut, after that it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop as I walked home that evening I was 90% sure something would've come of it but nothing did. I was never approached to retake my english exams again and have had an F in English Literature ever since.
I feel I could possibly be the asshole because I cost myself the chance to redo my exams and get the grade that would've really helped me in the long run, in college I had to do english classes. It's not like Mrs. C could tell what I was going through.
Mrs. C could be the asshole because her comment was unnecessarily malicious and had she'd been more professional I wouldn't have blown up and stormed out of her class, being able to take the exam.
So MarkNarrations reddit? AITA?
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2021.09.29 03:51 StarrySunset_ How's your account after 2 years of playing? Feb 2019 - Sept 2021.

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2021.09.29 03:51 tartworm FIRMSPACE | “Driven by a single belief: PROFESSIONALS DESERVE A SANCTUARY OF THEIR OWN” (Houston, Texas)

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2021.09.29 03:51 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.29 03:51 maxsmouha Is GWU a generally happy school?

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2021.09.29 03:51 Zeera1 Both versions of the BTTF Delorean

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2021.09.29 03:51 HeisenDiaN Stanton crushes a homer in his 4th straight game to put the Yankees up 6-2 against the Blue Jays

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2021.09.29 03:51 vanillac0kezero 17F looking for a genuine connection with somebody.🤍

none of that small talk. let’s talk soul to soul.
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2021.09.29 03:51 settembrini- Massagem

Quero aprender a fazer massagem, alguém tem algum conteúdo pra recomendar?
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2021.09.29 03:51 notpreposterous [WCGW] Should not have done this on your wedding day

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2021.09.29 03:51 FaceVII My Waifu NFT Series ALGIRL just dropped #001 - Silvia Moon.

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