Should have been MacKay

2021.09.29 05:11 GrandLiberator Should have been MacKay

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2021.09.29 05:11 AusCOVID19 Victorian CFMEU staff test positive to COVID-19 after violent protests outside building

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2021.09.29 05:11 IntnsRed Elizabeth Warren tells Fed chair he is ‘dangerous’ and opposes renomination | The Senator said Jerome Powell’s policies have weakened US banking regulations and could lead to another financial crisis

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2021.09.29 05:11 tac0beller Looking to buy!! 16 inch or bigger Daxxon the Alien!!

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2021.09.29 05:11 MessageGeneral7818 Just a minor red flag

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2021.09.29 05:11 Hangzy propane

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2021.09.29 05:11 dota2newbee Audio resets to default every game

Is this a common problem? Everyone I come across in-game says "yeah I get the same thing its fuckin bullshit" but why the fk does it happen?
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2021.09.29 05:11 amsisss Fabio's doing color ?

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2021.09.29 05:11 Monosergg I knows it’s amateur and I don’t compare myself to others but here’s my first ever painting. Just wanted to have a little fun my first time.

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2021.09.29 05:11 miss-_-fortunate Genuine (maybe dumb) question

Hello! So I’m not vegan, but I’m looking to start a small business of making tote bags to use as purses or as a shopping bag alternative to plastic. And I was thinking about trying to make some cute crocheted bags, but wasn’t sure if using yarn made from sheep wool is considered vegan or not? I want these to be something everyone can enjoy so I want them to be not only eco-friendly, but also vegan.. So is wool considered vegan?
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2021.09.29 05:11 detlefsallstars 100 days!

Made it to triple digits! I’m not sure I’m any wiser, but I’m a hell of a lot less drunk.
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2021.09.29 05:11 leeguy01 Got a strange double pick up today.

It was at a place called Hurricane Wings, they have a drive thru window for mobile pick up so it's easy because customers can't drive up and order.
So it's 2 orders both similar, the same item with different sauces like one teriyaki and one BBQ sauce and both had macaroni bites. So they gave the food quickly and I made sure to tie the receipts so I knew which was which.
I get to the first dropoff, beautiful modern new big house in an upper middle class area. I drop off take a picture and go back to start my second dropoff. I'm back in my car and there is a car parked in front of me in the driveway but I can see they opened the door and took it in.
I click navigate and it says you have arrived. I'm like wait what. So I walk over the food this one was a girl's name and leave it and take a picture and as I'm driving off I see the door open and they take the second one.
So why would the same house order from the same place under two different accounts?
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2021.09.29 05:11 Captainmanic KMT's Chang Ya-chung rumored to be considering running for mayor of Taiwan's Kaohsiung | Taiwan News | 2021-09-28 16:35:00

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2021.09.29 05:11 6r1n3i19 Due Theory for Urshela

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2021.09.29 05:11 HayashiSawaryo Releasing Inazuma too early is Mihoyo's biggest mistake

To put it lightly, Inazuma update has huge room for improvement. From rushed archon quest, to persisting issues such as autotargeting which affects Yoimiya greatly, to Beidou-Raiden Q interaction, to Kokomi. All of these flaws COULD be solved if more time is given to iron out the bugs and fixes.
The anniversary PR disaster could have been avoided if Inazuma is released alongside the anniversary. Hecc just make Ayaka the star of the anniversary since her birthday IS the anniversary. Just make Sakura Tree reward slightly better without the time gate.
IMO, Mihoyo should have released a more well-polished Inazuma alongside anniversary instead. Just market it as "Anniversary Reward" for all they care and rake in the big bucks.
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2021.09.29 05:11 Fortnite_Nonsense GF Reveals all BF Secrets to chat when he goes AFK

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2021.09.29 05:11 Responsible_Ant_5642 Is there any dog and cat owners??

I recently adopted two kittens I never had a cat before and im also dog owners. My female dog has being following them around and watching them like crazy
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2021.09.29 05:11 LION_warrior19 crows are not useless

If u see a glowing crow in game, kill it. They will drop loot of the rarity they were glowing in... last game i saw a golden crow and killed it, it dropped me a gold spaz. try it....
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2021.09.29 05:11 IAMMAN5 The official r/Politics President tier list!™

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2021.09.29 05:11 Jaii_2603 What would be your top 3-5 songs and why?

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2021.09.29 05:11 Jdelgadi2230 Quick question Please help

New to sports betting. I saw a promo that said in order to qualify I must place an NFL bet with minimum -200 odds. I would like to bet on money line. Someone please explain. Can I bet on anything just can’t go below -200? So would a + bet still qualify? And to be specific I’m talking about the promo that Caesar’s Sportsbook is having to get a Free NFL jersey. Thanks to anyone that can help.
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2021.09.29 05:11 hazardc Grateful Dead [1080p Remaster PRO SHOT] 11 03 1991 Bill Graham Memoria...

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2021.09.29 05:11 Bigteddy26 Nate

Has anyone noticed that Nate’s hair continues to get more grey every episode?
Did I miss something?!
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2021.09.29 05:11 horsehockey64 Help! Stims Bad

Hey gang, a guess a bit of a warning of unintentionally self harming so skip off if you dont want to read further
Anyways, like I said, my stims are accidentally hurting me. Ive had trichotillomania for years now , thankfully I still have most of my hair , you can hardly tell , but it's been difficult to stop.
Also, I grind my teeth hard in my sleep, sometimes biting my tongue or cheek, and then when im awake, I'll repeatedly bite it over and over again, sometimes drawing blood. Not even always aware! Sometimes im just watching TV and I realize I've punctured my cheek.
I have things like fidget spinners, trouble with those is i set. them. down. im not used to them at all, but I've grown up used to doing these physical things like hair pulling, biting my skin that i cant just stop, I have to shift it to something else. It's seriously bugging me because I dont like that I stim the way I do and it isn't good for me. Please help
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2021.09.29 05:11 CelebBattleVoteBot Amy Adams vs Anne Hathaway

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