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Dream League Soccer 2018 v5.064 Unlimited Money Hack (new)

2021.09.29 05:06 Sbenny_Official Dream League Soccer 2018 v5.064 Unlimited Money Hack (new)

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2021.09.29 05:06 -HeyHeyHey Favorite snacks or drinks you like to consume while writing/reading fanfiction?

I wanted to ask what the fine people of this subreddit like to eat
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2021.09.29 05:06 xdrizzykidx What are the devs smoking?!

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2021.09.29 05:06 Historical_Cat6194 Why matchmaking is so streaky (Serious)

The reason is simply that matchmaking is attempting to use behaviour, number of reports, and whether or not it thinks you are a smurf as part of its matchmaking algorithm. (all of this has been confirmed by valve)
The typical cycle is this:

  1. You win games, you play well you are commended.
  2. You keep winning and keep going up in MMR.
  3. You get to the point where you are out of your league.
  4. You lose a game due to being out of your league. Your teammates report you for the loss. Because that's how dota works. If you are the reason for a loss, you are reported, possibly by 4 people.
  5. Because you have been reported, the matchmaker will put you in teams with other players that have received reports.
  6. Suddenly you notice your allies are feeders, afkers, every lane is losing hard.
  7. The game feels dumb, your allies don't understand how to play. Doesn't make sense you were the same MMR 4 games ago and you blitzed through it, now suddenly every game feels impossible.
  8. You lose. No matter how well you play, unless you are smurfing mid and lose.
  9. You fall in MMR. Dagon shadowfiend. You lose. Pos1 morphling doesn't understand how to balance HP. You lose. You lose. You lose. Play your best hero. You lose.
  10. You fall in MMR so much that you become a psuedo smurf and are commended by your allies for playing very well.
  11. You get enough commends and play for 20 games to wipe out the "4 reports in the last 20 games" metric.
  12. You rise in MMR, you go on a winstreak.
The same applies for smurf detection. If you play mid very well. If you practice every day, watch videos, receiving coaching etc. What you EXPECT to happen is you gain MMR. What will really happen is, you will trigger smurf detection, then when you queue mid the enemy will be a smurf, and you will get stuck in your bracket. Despite practising, training, everything.. You will NOT climb MMR.
Both of these systems need to be removed.
Pure ELO, and MMR works all by itself. If you play well, you should NOT be punished with being put against smurfs, instead you should simply win, and climb rapidly to whatever bracket you belong in.
If you lose, you should not be punished with Afkers and Feeders on your team, forcing losses until you become a psuedo-smurf. You should simply lose MMR until you fall to the bracket you belong in at a 50% win/loss rate.
The above system which HAS been confirmed by valve, so this isn't just speculation, IS killing matchmaking. it IS the reason behind most of the frustrated posts here.
PLEASE help me bring this to Valve's attention. Let's fix this and make this game better. This is as big of a 'bug' as pudge hooking and getting recalled by kotl into the fountain. It IS a bug, please lets just flag it and get it fixed.
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2021.09.29 05:06 sweeth0ey Presentation Anxiety Tips

I've always had a fearful, avoidant personality when it comes to presentations due to anxiety and fear of criticism. It even impacts my motivation to practice in advance sometimes when feeling overwhelmed. Any tips / help to overcome presentations and public speaking??
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2021.09.29 05:06 xeracoca2000 alguém mais viu girl from nowhere?

cara, como eu gostei dessa série, só que não tenho ninguém com quem compartilhar a experiência, isso é muito chato! recomendei a série para um monte de gente e ninguém quis ver, talvez porque soubessem sobre oque a série se trata? ou porque só não liguem mesmo. pelo amor de deus, diz que alguém viu essa b*ceta!
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2021.09.29 05:06 MariiEvangelline Need some ID. Sold as Mexicanum, but thinking it may be Atabapoense. Thoughts?

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2021.09.29 05:06 Tecknola Witch era of Aphmau do you prefer?

View Poll
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2021.09.29 05:06 seif_is_not_pr0 Make him explore, follow me if you did it, don't follow if you didn't

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2021.09.29 05:06 nichwill10 Hybrid Saiyans

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2021.09.29 05:06 Sbenny_Official World Conqueror 3 - WW2 Strategy game v1.2.42 Free Shopping

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2021.09.29 05:06 Zzolpidem Sphere interior reveal?

Did i miss an episode of the guide where Wattles showed us what was hidden in the spheres next to the Cow Sphinx?
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2021.09.29 05:06 Vaun_X *Sad Robot Noises*

*Sad Robot Noises*
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2021.09.29 05:06 Donkykirbmanyt That's easy 10/10

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2021.09.29 05:06 Zealousideal_Hat6843 Current state of the MCU, spoilers for Phase 4 released up to now, can I post this on this sub?

Preface: I love marvel.
Phase 4 thoughts -
Wandavision : All the set up was great, but all gone in the last 1 or 2 episodes.
Falcon and the winter soldier : Meh overall. An avenger doesn't have a salary? Fuck you you ill thought out writing. Even the action feels boring. Racism feels Shoehorned.
What if : I like some episodes and don't like some, and I don't judge it either way, since it was made just to amuse and explore alternate universes, but I loved the Doctor Strange episode and the recent Thor episode(it was intended to be funny, and it was extremely so), and I hated the Killmonger and the Zombie episode.
Loki : First 2 episodes were average, 3 was good, 4 was awesome : one of the best things to happen to television, 5 was the worst thing to happen to television, 6 was partly good, and partly bad, since I didn't feel Kang was as strong a character as he was purported to be. But maybe his variants will be.
Loki was watered down to basically a human(with quips, and he doesn't resemble the 2012 one at all), with wildly inconsistent powers, instead of the centuries old god we have come to know.
The thing I love about the 4th episode is the tension, and the struggle against a bureaucracy trying to hide something. And the scenes between Mobius and Renslayer was packed with tension.
One of things I loved about Loki is that they showed Global Warming affects in 2050, but still they don't even strive for consistency, do they? In a universe where Tony stark breaks the second law of thermodynamics in 2008, they still depend on fossil fuels, so Global Warming.. this is trying to shoehorn relevance. No one cared about Global Warming a while back, and it's a fucking bandwagon now. one might say before 2008 in that universe, the emmissions still in air cause the global warming, but still, they have Iron Man and Wakanda there, they can clean that out in a jiffy. They don't consider the implications of things, do they? In infinity war, tony sees magic for the first time, and takes it in stride.
Also, hiding in apocalypses is stupid, because maybe butterfly affect, and TVA ought to pick up some variance. Also, the worldbuilding is poor, TVA all powerful, then TVA is nothing but a bunch of fools with sticks and time controlling toys.
Black Widow : A decent movie, I guess, but it would have been better if it was R - rated and more intense and serious, and the replacement of Black Widow doesn't need as much Screen Time, she doesn't deserve so much time in Original black widow's own movie, they should have introduced her and used her sparingly, she can feature more in the future. I hated the post-credits scene with fury, the foreshadowed conflict between Hawkeye and Yelena is so artificial, it might as well be a soap opera, or Game of Thrones season 8.
Shang - Chi : So massive a let-down, after so awesome a trailer. The trailer had all, the music, Tony Leoung, the sense of seriousness and the promise of an epic battle of wills between the awesome Mandalorian and his son. The only thing that survived the transition into the movie was Tony Leoung’s awesome performance, he alone brought a sense of Pathos to the screen.
Spider - Man far from home trailer - Doc Ock saying - Hello Peter was great and all, and I am even excited by the hype, but the trailer itself was underwhelming. Doctor Strange pulling out a wierd spell(Why didn't he use it against thanos? But still Im willing to wait for the movie to find out), and I don't know, how hard is it to prove that Mysterio did all this stuff?
Eternals Trailer - One of the few things that may actually be good.
Hawkeye Trailer - Seems good. I like the new girl, but her saying - there are arrows more powerful than that? rubbed me off the wrong way- you should say there are explosives more powerful than that? Since arrows don't explode, explosives attached to them do.
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2021.09.29 05:06 ybron Found these mushrooms 🍄 in a corn field in Spokane, WA

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2021.09.29 05:06 ShortAlgo $RLYB Epic profits with Automated Trading from UltraAlgo on TradeStation.

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2021.09.29 05:06 No_Highlight_1520 Artist

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2021.09.29 05:06 Commander_Crumb Anybody here know who Mc_Byte is? If so, can you tell me?

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2021.09.29 05:06 PianistNo396 💎 TRENDY 💎 | The token for luxury shopping is here! | Launch on 1st October | Contract already deployed!

💎 TRENDY is the first token that holders can spend anonymously on luxury products! 👜⌚️💻 No need to convert them in FIAT!
❌ The biggest limit of the tokens that are developed every day is that they have no other use case than to be traded and are only used for speculation.
✅ Trendy is different, it is spendable through our ecommerce of luxury products that will be released soon!
Join us on Telegram:
Token information:
💰 1 Trillion total supply
🥞 950 Billion PancakeSwap allocation (95%)
💻 5 Billion dev-wallet (5%)
🚨 Devs have a withdraw limit of 20BNB a week from their wallet, DUMP IMPOSSIBLE.
🚫🤖 Built-in bot recognition system.
⚡️Static Rewards: 2% of each transaction rewards holders in $TRENDY: hold and earn.
📈 BuyBack Mechanics: 6% of each transaction is used by our contract to buy back and burn tokens, maintaining the price and saving the holders from massive dumps.
🤝 Marketing: 3% distributed to the marketing wallet and used to finance community proposals.
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2021.09.29 05:06 lunartix420 Rotisserie chickens. I’ll never look at this picture the same again.

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2021.09.29 05:06 Puzzleheaded_Ad5805 Accidentally bred a tien dragon using my rigel and something else

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2021.09.29 05:06 oman635 New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself!
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Unlimited uses, just have to create new accounts whenever you’ve used up your three previous discounts and want more cheap food! 🙂
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2021.09.29 05:06 typespace I recently got another cat. Meet Miso Marie. She has the best toe beans.

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