Brr cold

2021.09.29 02:50 EJ_Voryninny Brr cold

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2021.09.29 02:50 S0urScream Extreme Boss Drop, I won’t complain:’)

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2021.09.29 02:50 AmericanVices This is just a fancy travel humidor. However I do like it, but that price though… Anyone have one?

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2021.09.29 02:50 iGhXzt Unleashed

Anyone got the early access for HW Unleashed? I wanna know how it is. Seriously thinking about getting on day one
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2021.09.29 02:50 2011BMW128i 6’6 in economy

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2021.09.29 02:50 lessbeblue LoCkDoWnS

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2021.09.29 02:50 okayjh In A Hard Place

Hello all, my name is Jake and I live in NJ, USA.
Im posting with hope that anyone with a small amount to spare can donate to my cashapp to help me buy food. $connkill
At the moment, Im in-between jobs. My unemployment is being held from me while I await my appeal (my previous company has told them I quit, which is not the case). I havent a penny to my name. Ive sold any belongings I could, as well as taken what little money my family or friends could spare. The job search has been hard, mainly because of my pigeon-holed CAD experience but I think it may also be my visible transness/queerness. Fortunately I am housed and safe but food has been a problem for the past week and I was only recently eligible for food stamps (after the determination from Unemployment), which Im still waiting on.
I hope Im doing this right and not offending anyone with this post but its quite nice to see something like this exists. Especially in these uncertain times. Any small amount is appreciated, even change.
Thanks for hearing me out<3
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2021.09.29 02:50 jiiii0007 "CaN't sCoRe iN FaRmErS LeAgUe". Then scores a banger against the Premier League winners

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2021.09.29 02:50 MinneapolisSpice Jim Carrey

On the Big Picture’s 400th episode, Fennessey admits the Rewatchables has largely ignored Jim Carey’s career and cultural imprint in the 1990s.
The fact the Rewatchables has yet to do Dumb and Dumber and Ace Ventura is podcasting malfeasants.
Other than Carey, who else’s has the Rewatchables entirely ignored on account of Bill Simmons’ taste.
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2021.09.29 02:50 Airman66_2001 Smile

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2021.09.29 02:50 amonianous Well. It happened.

She's went to an out of state college about a month ago and we dated for 3 months prior to that. She warned me that she can't promise sexual exclusivity before she left. I told her I couldn't promise I would be okay with her sleeping with someone else. And I'm not. But she did. And told me about it. I made arrangements to fly out and see her a month ago, and I leave in 2 weeks. We're going to talk about things there. She told me that "being away from you has created a hole that I can't fill" and that I'm the one she wants to be with but she requires more attention than we can give with us being so far apart.
It sounds like she's going to propose an open relationship which I am not okay with. I don't want anyone else and I have no prospects. I am fucking ugly. And I get attached very easily. I cannot foresee that working without us either breaking up or me crying myself to sleep every night.
I can fly out every month or two. I have a wealth of airline miles that I'm free to use and I have enough time to do so. That's what I'll propose. If that's not good enough we're not going to work out. Plain and simple.
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2021.09.29 02:50 LOLiseeyourundies [M4F] First impressions, embarrassing moments, and slice-of-life cuteness!

It always feels like the love interest in a romantic comedy makes an entrance that elicits swoons and sighs, cool and composed and confident. It always looks like they have it all together: Everything is already figured out with an effortless brand of charm and poise. They might as well be straight out of a catalog for The Gap.
So what happens when a supposed Prince Charming-type doesn't find himself in any kind of position to make the Mister Right-esque first impression one might expect from him? What if our characters' meet-cute comes just as my character is blindsided by an embarrassing moment? And how might that tilt the dynamic of what might be a fairly ordinary love story?
Hi! I'm in my twenties and on the lookout for just one more partner bold and playful enough to embark on telling a creative rom-com story. Of course, the flipped script in this case is that my character will be caught majorly on his back foot when he first encounters your character, and our story will explore how their dynamic unfolds after their meet-cute isn't exactly how he'd planned on meeting a potential crush.
Of course, a lot of the fun in planning will be settling on his fate, and who your character is in relation to him. Is he the college freshman in the dorm next door, who managed to lock himself out in his underwear? The sophomore who lives two stories up in the residence hall and found himself wrapped in a towel when the building's fire alarm went off? The university's new lacrosse captain, who got himself handcuffed to the goalpost as a kind of initiation prank? The unlucky transfer student who gets called up on stage at the college's annual start-of-the-semester silly hypnotism show?
And, just as vital to the story: Who is your character? A classmate, a neighbor, a fellow athlete? An innocent bystander, or a mischief-making prankster who's secretly pulled the strings from behind the scenes to lead to this moment? I want to leave it entirely open ended! If this post catches your attention, please share any potential character thoughts you might have in a message, and a potential predicament our intrepid male lead might find himself in as the subject line of your DM! (And it definitely doesn't have to be one of the ideas above; think of that as me brainstorming out loud.) I'm only looking to write with others in their twenties, or older. Fingers crossed for some orange envelopes and chat bubbles!
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2021.09.29 02:50 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.29 02:50 anontigertiger 26 bro lookin for a bro

Lookin for someone who can carry the conversation cause I’m not great at small talk. Wiling to chat about anything. Looking for a regular guy to chat with about anything. Snap is preferred. Hmu with a pm.
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2021.09.29 02:50 THOT-Sauce69 [USA-RI] [H] H115i rgb platinum 280mm aio [W] Cash or kraken z63

Time stamp: (Repost from earlier today) Zipcode:02910
Never used the h115i because it doesn’t fit my case. Still has original box and pieces. Looking either for 130$ cash or a kraken z63 (I’ll give some cash coming from my side due to price difference if trader wishes so)
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2021.09.29 02:50 yeetrabbit3000 Gotta bump those numbers up

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2021.09.29 02:50 ShooterMcGavin4_18 What is this

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2021.09.29 02:50 123undTritt Anyone actually successfully managed to speak WELL while just talking to themselves?

I don't live in Germany and don't know any German speakers. I recognize that this probably isn't the best method because it isn't as engaging and there isn't anyone to correct, but surely this can still work if you're critical about yourself?
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2021.09.29 02:50 Swishyduke1201 Anybody having the same problem?

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2021.09.29 02:50 sleepybowie Trying to get out of a rut so I painted some hot dog people

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2021.09.29 02:50 Lasivian Hoorah! 400w of panels installed, in the rain! And I have 15v coming out the wires properly even! 🤣

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2021.09.29 02:50 Luxara-VI I have some random Roman song stuck in my head and I don’t know what to do

I mean I don’t want to invade Carthage
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2021.09.29 02:50 Minespidurr What do people mean when they say "that wasn't TRUE communism" ?

Like has there ever been a country where TRUE communism has been implemented successfully on a large scale? I apologize if this seems like a dumb question.
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2021.09.29 02:50 ICUWurld Meet “Susan”…she’s a real 🍑

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2021.09.29 02:50 Bruce_Tang H: 2* B/50c Fixer, junk, caps W: Leader bobbleheads

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